What others have said about Tribal Strategies and the company’s director and founder Tim Budge:


(ABCD work – Gaza) “You cleared the rust from my brain!”


“We appreciate much your teaching approach. Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped the team tremendously to understand the approach.”


“I found Tim’s approach refreshing and enlightening: he demonstrated how an ‘evaluation’ facilitated by an outsider could still be genuinely participatory, emphasising the learning experience for the participants (many of whom had no experience) and ways of recognising and valuing local knowledge in local form, rather than simply extracting and taking ownership of data for external purposes.”


“Tim delivered two engaging, informed and stimulating lectures for my third year international studies course on development. My students loved his style, and the content of his lectures was spot on.”

Management and Mentoring:

“He leads naturally and is truly invested in each individual’s professional progress, while also caring about their wellbeing. Tim gave me the autonomy to work towards my objectives, while also giving much insightful advice about how to navigate the very different environment I found myself working in.”

Leadership and Strategy:

“I admire the way Tim approaches leadership within a global organization – never afraid to propose new strategic directions that do not always fit in with the global definition of what should work.”3263000

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